Mediterranean Investors is a network of networks of Angel Investors. At the core we comprise of Angel groups, Angel funds and syndicates for the ultimate purpose of cross-border investing.

At the core we are angel networks, however our members comprise of leaders and feeders of the investment ecosystem including accelerators, incubators, VCs, corporates, & service providers (such as legal firms & auditors)

Our goal is to bridge the gap between European, African, Middle Eastern investors and beyond and facilitate cross-border deals. Our network of 26 global members, 1,400+ angel investors, and 24 countries, provides access to a wealth of experience and resources to help close deals collectively at the seed-stage and follow-on stages. With 500+ portfolio companies, we are dedicated to facilitating cross-border capital flow and fostering innovation in the Mediterranean region.



Mediterranean Investors facilitates cross-borders capital flow and helps the increase of foreign (direct) investment into innovative sectors around the Mediterranean region with a focus on early stage investing.

  • We bridge the gap between Mediterranean Investors and facilitate cross border deals through syndication.
  • We connect angel networks with each other, build trust to help close deals collectively including follow-on investment rounds.
  • We support our network members portfolio companies by securing follow-on funding from regional VCs, and by identifying appropriate geographical growth opportunities through expanding in new markets.
  • We help our investors find exit opportunities for their portfolios (partial exits and IPOs).



At the core we are angel networks, however our diverse members comprise of leaders and feeders of the investment ecosystem including accelerators, incubators, VCs, corporates & service providers

We facilitate syndicated cross border investments between our members for seed & pre-seed stages, across all sectors that members of our networks are comfortable investing in.

When a network commits to investing in a deal & is in the process of closing the investment, we validate this deal, circulate it across all members, identify the interested investors to co-invest in the deal that is being closed & finally conclude the co-investment.


The Mediterranean region is a unique and strategic location that connects Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It is situated at the crossroads of the world, making it easily accessible to all regions. The Mediterranean Sea has been a vital conduit for trade, communication, and cultural exchange throughout history, and continues to play a crucial role in connecting the diverse cultures, economies, and civilizations of the region. The Mediterranean region is not only a place of natural beauty but also a place of opportunity and potential, with a rich history and a bright future. Its central location and easy access make it an ideal hub for business, innovation, and growth.

The Mediterranean Investors Network is dedicated to bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs, connecting the region's innovation hubs and fostering the development of startups and innovative enterprises. By improving the flow of capital and resources, we aim to transform the economies of the Mediterranean basin, creating jobs and driving growth.

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Our team is dedicated, experienced and passionate. We strive to bring ecosystems together and bridge the gap between investors across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Tarek El-Kady

Tarek El-Kady

Founder & Chairman

Loay El-Shawarby

Loay El-Shawarby


Farida Ashraf

Farida Ashraf

Network Manager

Nadine Dawood

Nadine Dawood

Community Manager

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